Thursday, May 7, 2015

JOHN YOUNG in Prison for stalking MARK Reyland ???????

                                  Now the latest lies of Mark Reyland !

An inventor called to say she met Mark Reyland in California when her marketing agent fell for Marks B.S. and brought the con man to a meeting about her product . She said the first words out of his mouth was " have you heard of John Young, he is in prison for stalking me and my family ".

WOW now John is serving hard time in a prison because he has been quite and not posting against the conman Mark Reyland.

Truth is, John is at home working daily, he has been too busy to play with this CON MAN and is working with his partners on cleaning our rivers and water ways. Last year John was in Florida's capital ( Tallahassee ) meeting with senators discussing products to remove nitrogen from our water. And has plans to return when sessions start back up again in the next few weeks.

But if anyone has heard Mark Reyland telling a story about John Young being in prison or even going to court about his stalker fantasy, just know YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TOO !.

This man Mark Reyland is lost his seat at the UIA and has nothing going on except his education blog ( Which are stories and not experience )  and uses John Young's name to make up stories to have you believe he was a victim a crime.



2. HEY MARK, CAN YOU TELL ME A STORE THAT IS SELLING ONE ( JUST ONE ) OF YOUR MANY PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET ? ( after all he now claims to be a consultant to big box retailers )







Monday, November 25, 2013


                                       Please begin with this video !


Mark Reyland announces his resignation from his apartment / UIA office.  Notice in this video he moved his palm tree from the entry door (as in his other videos) to a wall behind him on the other side of the living room.

Now that the UIA begging for donations failed a month ago, the UIA is now flat broke. Mark Reyland has no funds on the UIA credit card to support his lifestyle. We don't believe for a second his resignation was made by his own free choice. We BELIEVE that he was asked to step down by resigning or he would be fired. He ran the UIA in to the ground and left it high and dry flat broke. Sponsor's didn't renew memberships, no one donated all because of Mark Reyland.

As this blog and others showed proof of all his underhandedness and lies, people were smart enough to see the truth posted here with proof. His latest lie about his reason for copying  Leisa Farmer's colander, as he tells it, "It was to help Leisa because she was stuck on the design and needed Mark Reylands expertise ". Funny Mark, because Leisa's colander was designed and licensed and on the market for almost 2 years before  (according to your lie), she needed your help.

Now Mark Reyland says he will remain in the invention industry " building innovation programs with large organizations, big retailers, manufacturers". Wow, we didn't know that there was a demand for such a job. This is a lie and dream, Mark Reyland is the kiss of death now, (and has been) and any company would be committing financial suicide if they hired him to even sweep their floors. 

He says he "won't be working for any invention submission companies and not work for any predatory company".  Really Mark ? No invention submission company would hire him and if he tried to work for a predatory company, they would fire him the first day for praying on the predatory company in a conflict of interest. Mark has already tried to be an invention predator to Leisa Farmer by copying her invention and submitting it for licensing. Luckily for Leisa it was Mark that did it, because he can't design or invent, that is why he copies.

Mark Reyland damaged this industry on his own, it was his lies to inventors, his using funds for inventors to pay for his lifestyle, he was the one that went behind an inventors back and tried to rip her licensing deal from beneath her and have it for himself.

This is nothing to be proud of, its nothing less than disgraceful. But from what he says, he was wonderful, dedicated, giving. But the truth is in all the pages here in this blog. Videos of him lying publically to inventors and e-mail proof of the lie. His own hands on video with a colander he copied from another inventor for his profit (which was so poorly done, no company would touch it so he made no money).  It was he that forged messages to UIA members and the public as being from Warren Tuttle.  It was he that was the false profile as "Johnny Gee".

You can listen to Mark Reyland tell you how wonderful he is all day long, but facts are facts and proof is proof. And when you show it and prove it against him, he labels you as "crazies", "unstable".  Because we warn you, he says we are what's wrong with this industry.

Let's just stop a moment and think, did anyone ever hear of Mark Reyland before the UIA. Well with the thousands of products he claimed to have invented and licensed, don't you think you would have. Truth is he has had and has never had a product on the market, he has no patents and this whole thing started because we asked to see just one of them as proof he was who he said he was.

None of this would have ever gone this far if he had the products to prove and showed them. It would have been over if he just showed one of his thousands of products. He couldn't, this made us look further in to his background, We saw no patents, no products, could find no clients he represented, nothing ! All we found was a long list of failed businesses of his, we found court cases against him for unpaid rent, Spoke to people that dealt with his failed businesses, found out that his company damaged vehicle's leased by another party in a deal to install raised graphics (his guys drilled holes in the cars to hold them on to show the concept) and this party had to pay for his ignorance and he owes them $12,000 for damages they had to pay.

It's all been a lie and con game on the inventors.  An illusion, (like his apartment UIA office in his videosto fool you into believing he is a rich and successful man and an inventing guru.

The UIA is now broke, there is nothing left for mark to live on coming from the UIA. His daily meals aren't going to be paid, his trips, his personal items and no salary to pay him. There are no more sponsors to fund the UIA, none are renewing their memberships and the ones that have been gone from the sponsorship program still have their company names as sponsors.  Why? Because its part of the illusion, the more names we see the more the UIA makes it look like there are sponsors for potential new sponsors to see, giving them more reason to join. How would it look after the many years this sponsorship program has been around, there were only just a few left. No one would want to be a part of that, so they create an illusion of a grand sponsorship program with lots of members.

We believe that if the UIA bank account was good and fat, Mark Reyland in no way would be resigning. We know for a fact that he was asked to step down long ago, he fought it, and he remained. But now it's too far gone, and the UIA realizes that they need to restructure, obtain funding and use that funding for what it was intended for. The UIA had over $260,000 in the account mid last year. Where did it all go?  Why are they now broke?  Its' because it was used to support Mark Reyland, so Mark could keep his illusion up of being a big shot in the industry. Using money that was meant to educate inventors to wine and dine people at restaurants, while in his home town running up $500 dinner bills, paying for expensive hotel rooms, $25 valet parking, his groceries (while in his home town) his iced tea and doughnuts every day, his wife's vehicle registration, home improvement supplies, on and on. And then on top of that he got a salary. He got a platform to stand on and feed his ego with the lies he tells you. No one will speak more highly of Mark Reyland than Mark Reyland himself !

So he was totally supported with donations and funds meant for inventors. I believe that Warren Tuttle and most of the UIA board mean well, but they are 100% responsible for the current state of the UIA for letting Mark Reyland have full rein and control for 3 years.  Three years of funds meant for inventors all GONE with nothing to show for the inventors it represents!

People, these are the facts.  You don't see us blogging about anyone else.  For that matter, you see no blogs about anyone else period. We don't just pick someone we don't care for and try to destroy them. We only did this to protect and have better for the inventors. Our time  is wasted, our reputations tarnished all because of Mark Reyland.

Hopefully, Mark Reyland will NOT find his way back in our industry, hopefully he will just be an ugly stain that will fade with time. Our hopes are that the UIA will restructure and DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON POTENTIAL BOARD MEMBERS (which they have admitted to not doing with Mark Reyland).  Had they done so, they would have found all his lies about his credentials and they would not be in the shape they are today.

There is a valuable lesson about inventing here, if anyone claims to be someone, done great things, make them show you solid proof first. Don't listen to smooth talk or you may be a victim as were all inventors because of Mark Reyland.  Lesson learned!

A sad note here is that now the town of Charleston S.C. has the  "Charleston Inventors Association".  Mark Reyland leads them. Hopefully they will ask to see all his products and patents first. 

I will leave you with one last Mark Reyland illusion. Here he is writing as Warren Tuttle, Warren is no dummy and wouldn't misspell "Knowledge" and Warren signs off with "Peace" or "Cheers". We believe this was not authored by Warren Tuttle !

From: The UIA Staff <>

Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013 5:39 PM
Subject: To the UIA Membership

Dear UIA Members,
The UIA Board of Directors received Executive Director Mark Reyland's resignation letter today with understandable sadness.
As we all know, Mark has worked tirelessly during the past three years to help educate inventors, grow UIA membership, network nationally with inventors clubs, build industry trade show events, champion through government many inventor rights, and otherwise dedicate his considerable knowlage and passion towards helping others.
We all wish Mark well as he continues to serve the industry in his future pursuits.
We are also appreciative that Mark has agreed to stay on in a limited capacity as we ensure a smooth organizational transition.
Warren Tuttle, Board President
The United Inventors Association



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mark Reyland talks about our industry ..... But is begging for your money !

From Mark Reylands UIA BlogSpot

As with all nonprofits, the UIA depends on the generosity of its supporters to continue the mission.

In a recent member survey you told us you wanted to keep the UIA educational programs free. We agree with you. However these programs, while free to our members are anything but free to create - and to continue providing them will require help from all of us.

Please take a moment to watch this short video and see why helping is so important to us all.

Mark Reyland went on to make 5 videos in the same day. Proof is, he's wearing the exact same shirt and tie with an artificial palm tree in front of the entry door to his apartment as a staged office.

Also in these video begging series, he makes reference to a Kickstarter campaign in this video.
Published on Oct 21, 2013
This video was developed by the UIA featuring Mark Reyland for an Inventor Education program Kickstarter campaign

Here are all the videos in order in which they are posted.

We fully expect to see a Kickstarter crowed funding campaign soon. He cant use the UIA fund A Geek crowed funding that he bragged of starting, because it failed and no longer is active.

You would think, with all the UIA sponsors fees they collect they would still have money in the UIA account. But not so, as we were told, the UIA had a negative bank account balance a couple of months ago.

This means Mark Reyland is hurting pretty bad right now. He lives off the UIA credit card, we have proof and seen his expense receipts via the UIA credit card. We confirmed that it was the UIA credit card, because an ex employee confirmed the last 4 digits of the receipts to the card .

What we saw the UIA credit card being abused for by Mark Reylands daily lifestyle is nothing less of illegal and down rite low life to use money for inventors to pay for his,

1. Wife's car registration.

2. Groceries  { While in his home town }

3. Breath mints, doughnuts, ice tea,  { while in his home town }

4. Home improvement items { for his home }

5. Pantie liners, { yes, he purchased pantie liners on the UIA credit card, funny thing was, he was alone on a UIA trip ??????}

6. Items to copy an inventors product. { Yes the parts to copy Lesia Farmers Trap Door Colander was purchased by the UIA credit card , while in his home town }

We would also like to add, that Mark Reylands copy of the colander was to help the inventor Lesia Farmer that was stuck on a design flaw and asked for Mark Reylands expertise. This is what he's telling everyone to get out of being a slime ball for doing that to her. Funny thing is and proof that Mark Reyland is yet again lying is that the Trap Door Colander was designed, licensed and selling on the market almost 2 years before he was so kind to help. He makes fools of anyone believing him. Read Lesia's blog on the subject and tell us if he attempted to steal her idea, of was helping 2 years later.

And more proof of Mark Reylands lies.

Now lets use common sense when evaluating these expense's while in his home town. Some of this would be within expectable expense's if not at your home and away on a business trip. But all of these receipts are within 25 miles of his home   

1. What kind of non profit allows their funds to pay for these things while at your home ?

2. What kind of non profit allows for a man to purchase PANTIE LINERS and charge it to their credit card ?

3. What kind of non profit allows the husband to pay his WIFE'S car registration with their credit card.

4. What kind of non profit pays for your groceries with their credit card ?

5. What kind of non profit pays for your dinning out, breakfast, lunch, dinner, while at home?

6. What kind of non profit allows you to purchase home improvement supplies for your home?

7. What kind of non profit allows you to purchase items to copy an inventors invention that you are suppose to be protecting and representing ?

Its simply been spent on Mark Reylands personal expense's !
He is now broke desperate and living alone in an apartment in S. Carolina and wants money from YOU !


We have proof of everything we claim, if it wasn't true, why isn't the UIA taking us to court to sue for damages. Well its because we can show the judge that EVERYTHING we claim is true and backed with proof.

And if they now need money for one of Mark Reylands harebrained inventor education series. Have board member AJ. Khubani  fork out for it, after all he is a multi millionaire and if he loves inventors so much, prove it with a check.

Its disgraceful and the UIA board members turn their backs to it. Everyone of the UIA board members are just as guilty as Mark Reyland, for allowing it to happen and continue. All funds go straight to the executive director Mark Reyland to spend as he pleases.

And if you can stand to watch all of the videos, staged pauses between his speech and tree placed in front of his front door to his apartment to look like an office, listen to him closely.

In one video, he says no breaks in the world will help inventors, they need education !
In the next, he says, No education in the world will help inventors, they need corporate contacts! This is not word for word as he explains it, because I cant take watching them all again to Quote him. But its clear he is making it look his way as he needs it to look in 2 different videos. 

Education= good, breaks= bad in one video

Education = bad, breaks= good in the next

Getting corporate exposure is a break either way you look at it.
Bet these videos get changed. Didn't think I would catch that did you Mr. Reyland ?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

UIA update

Its been 6 months since the story about Mark Reyland making a copy of an inventor " friend " of  his, colander invention that is currently under a licensing contract by this lady ( Who is a friend ).

Every UIA board member is fully aware of Mark Reylands copy that was submitted to Lifetime brands by UIA president Warren Tuttle in executive director of the UIA Mark Reylands behalf.

They even had the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney asking for a pause in informing corporate sponsors of the UIA unethical practices pending an investigation conducted by UIA board members and their law firm. The letter from Dorsey & Whitney clearly says they are " undertaking an assessment of the allegation's ".

Emails were sent to this firm asking about their assessment results. NO reply from Dorsey & Whitney. No comment from the UIA board members. Mark Reyland is still in charge of the UIA 6 months later. He was never suspended pending the " assessment of allegation's " and still is free and unpunished to do as he pleases at the UIA.

This man took a mom from Texas's invention and attempted to exploit it for his own financial gain. The UIA played part of this, Joe Fournier FORMER corporate sponsor director, made the CAD's ( at Mark Reylands insistence, Joe is a friend of the lady also ) of Mark Reylands copy colander. Warren Tuttle President of the UIA ( also a friend of the lady inventor and was the one who got her invention licensed ) took the copy with full knowledge that it was a copy of his clients product that he successfully licensed for this lady, to the company where he is a scout and presented it for a licensing deal on Mark Reyland's behalf. Lifetime said no they didn't like it, so on a flight on UIA board member AJ Khubani's private jet in route to a UIA event, Mark Reyland then presented his copy of the colander to AJ. AJ didn't like it. And to top it all off, the materials to make the copy of a mom from Texas's invention for Mark Reyland to bump her out of the market and obtain his own licensing deal were purchased with a UIA credit card ( we have copies of the receipt's ).

Now with just this 1 claim backed with fact, any ethical non profit organization would have demanded Mark Reyland's resignation from its organization.

Its like being the director of a non profit wife abuse organization and beating your wife behind closed doors and the board knows about and has been shown the victim but chooses to sweep it under the rug.

The UIA was founded to be a voice for inventors and setting an ethical standard in the industry and to educate inventors for free.

What the UIA is now, is an organization that exploit's inventors products ( proven in the link above ) and accepting sponsorship fees from companies that are not background checked to profit from inventors. It has no or little educational value other than Mark Reyland's distorted blog posts.

This non profit wont reprimand or remove an executive director that violated the inventors they  represent. Companies still are sponsor's of them, the board still allows it.

We have been told that this blog is referred to as " the hate blog " by Mark Reyland and his supporters. He tells everyone that we are a group of  "disgruntled inventors with a goal of  putting a bullet in his head " and  " his wife left him in fear for her safety  ". He tells people that  " he lives in constant fear and lives at sevearl location's so we wont seek him out and  put a bullet in his head ".And anyone that associates with us is going to get " the kiss of death " in the industry.

Here is the truth, we do not wish any harm to Mark Reyland, we want him removed from his position  at the UIA because of his unethical behavior. We want the UIA to restructure and have board members who take their responsibilities on behalf of the independent inventors seriously and care enough to act in a timely manner when an inventor is mistreated, abused, exploited, ripped off.

We are the inventors that want better, we are you and you us. We have seen this get so far out of control for so long with no one to step up and be a voice for all inventors wellbeing. We did and continue and will continue until we have an ethical non profit that doesn't support their executive directors lifestyle with funds to help inventors. A non profit that wont sell out to companies with questionable reputations to fund themselves and pay for their trips and parties with funds for inventors.

After all of this information on this blog alone with proof of every allegation to warn inventors and sponsor's, we are called a " hate blog " we are the " kiss of death " and " want to kill Mark Reyland ", ( which none of us would even hurt him much less serve a life sentence to " Kill Him "). Its crazy and getting totally ridicules with Mark Reylands claims for sympathy that he tells anyone that will listen.

The truth is, without the UIA Mark Reyland is a nobody, they fully fund his lifestyle, they give him the spotlight he so desperately needs. With his claims of thousands of successful selling products on the market, why does he use the UIA credit card to purchase home improvement items. pay for his wife's car registration, groceries while in his home town, dinners while in his home town and items to copy an inventors invention ( we have copies of the receipt's ).

Truth is because he lives off that UIA credit card to fund inventors best interest. Its been abused and continues to be abused. We have seen copies of all his expense receipts provided by an ex employee of the UIA.

He will do anything and say anything to hold on to all that the UIA gives him.

Has anyone ever heard of Mark Reyland before being the UIA executive director ?


But unfortunately its the ONLY non profit inventor resource.

Also we would like to add that the UIA and QVC sprouts, Fund a Geek site is dead and for sale.
The UIA boasted the inventors were getting funding via Fund a Geek like a "rocket ".

Perhaps its the UIA that is " the kiss of death " after all.


FundaGeek Partners With Inventors' Group

Yucca Valley-based FundaGeek, an online, crowdfunding site headed by Dan Gutierrez, said this week that it has entered into a partnership with the United Inventors Association of America (UIA). According to FundaGeek, the group will use FundaGeek as a crowdfunding resource to help inventors with projects. The two firms also said they are working with home shopping channel QVC, as part of a new program called QVC Sprouts. That deal calls for inventors with retail ready products to be selected and placed on the QVC website, and to be given the chance to give sales presentations on QVC. The firms did not detail how FundaGeek ties into those efforts.

 From Mark Reyland
"Knowing that funding is often the largest obstacle an inventor will face – it is our pleasure to introduce a program we have been working on for many months with a company we have come to respect called FundaGeek. This program uses a relatively new process for gaining funding in small increments from people all over the world. The process is called “Crowd Funding” and although it takes a dedicated effort on your part, it has become a proven and successful way of funding invention projects."


FundaGeek Crowdfunding for Innovation

For Sale

The website technology upon which FundaGeek was built stood strong for three years without any technical issues. The site never experienced downtime or a breach in security, an accomplishment worth noting.
With equity crowdfunding on the horizon, consider purchasing the FundaGeek codebase to jumpstart your move into this dynamic industry.
The sale includes:
  • FundaGeek website, developed with Microsoft .NET technology. SQL Server license required.
  • FundaGeek registered trademarks (United States and International)
  • domain name
  • FundaGeek Twitter Account
  • FundaGeek Facebook Page
Although the FundaGeek website is no longer running on a live server, you can see an archived version of the site at:
You can click on menu links to see many of the static pages but you won't be able to use dynamic functionality.
Click here for additional information about the design of the FundaGeek site, the technical requirements and licensing options.


Friday, August 23, 2013

My Cool Inventions group on Linkedin...Inventors beware !

Look at who we have here and in this group My Cool Inventions  !

Look at who has the most post besides John Cremeans, its his good buddy Mark ReylandJohn Cremeans and Akos Jankura not only associate with Mark Reyland they sponcor him and promote the United Inventors Association, knowing all the allegation's against them. So is My Cool Inventions really looking out for inventors by sponsoring such a conman and unethical, borderline criminal non profit.

You decide, Bird's of a Feather Flock Together, the UIA promotes My Cool Inventions and they promote the UIA and conman Mark Reyland in return.

Here is the proof !

Our Sponsors

John C.

( Just a quick note on a couple of companies and people cropping up on LinkedIn.

LaunchPad for inventors, Rick Valderama is  a sales guy that does some underhanded things and doesn't know much about sales though he's pretty full of himself on that score. He works with Carmine Denisco from the guy that couldn't get a video done in over a year, the one I was having a problem with. I guess this was what he was doing while screwing over 3 or 4 of us that hired him for videos, that didn't get what we paid for or in fact anything at all. They work with Bob Circosta but how much he's involved I don't know. I had to email Bob to try to get his help with Carmine.

Just a heads up because I see they are really going at it on LI and you tend to talk to a lot of new inventors. )



Dear xxxx,
Thanks for your e-mail.  First of all, please note my correct e-mail address:  xxxxxxx.  I am so very glad you brought this “plagiarism” to my attention.  This article was “stolen” from a earlier article I wrote for Inventors Digest sometime in 2009.  In 2010, I was an Officer on the Board of Directors of the UIA, and I gave Mark Reyland permission to use the article, VERBATIM, from Inventors Digest, and that he must indicate “reprinted with permission from Inventors Digest” (where I continue to be a Contributing Editor to this day).  He did not
Now, 2-3 years later, Mark Reyland (with whom I have no ties, no contact) took portions of my article and rearranged it based on his (lack of) knowledge of my industry.  The UIA has become just a farce and money maker.  (Please go to:  xxxxxxxxxxxxx for my further opinion (printed by Inventors Digest in January 2013).  What you read today, is simply NOT my material. (He also spelled my name incorrectly – it is not “xxxxx”).
Please therefore allow me to clarify whatever information you might be seeking about my services.  I am attaching an article which completely sums up what should be done concerning working with China factories.  Please do not pay any attention to the UIA’s article today. 
I would appreciate your response and would also appreciate your confirmation in hopes that this has favorably clarified the situation.  Thank you for bringing this unfortunate situation to my attention.

Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 1:07 PM
Subject: RE: Article written for the UIA


From: xxxxxxxx>
To: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 5:14 PM

Subject: RE: Article written for the UIA




Most of my  material is copyrighted.  Way back in 2010 (or 2011), I did give Mark Reyland permission to use my article EXACTLY as it was published by Inventors Digest in 2009.  He used SOME of my material and incorporated some of his own editing into my article back then.  I explained to him (again, this was 2-3 years ago when I was participating with the UIA – I am no longer participating with the UIA, as you can determine from the article I sent you) back in 2010 or 2011 that I was not happy with the editing job he did to my article, but he left it in the blog back then, and I think that because I was (again, WAS) a board member, I just let it go with a warning.  This morning, he apparently was lacking material to put in the blog, so he decided on his own to use my article again and I thank you for bringing this to my attention, because I ordered Warren Tuttle and Mark Reyland to remove it from the blog.  I has been removed.

Hope this helps.
 (  Warren Tuttle UIA president and Lifetime Brands Scout again bailing out his conman buddy Mark Reyland, I.P. thief, Copyright thief, Liar. Its all here for you to read with the proof. When will we rid the cancer that is killing this industry with lies and conflict of interest. As you can see it continues today, Mark Reyland never takes a break from his lies and underhandedness.  )
And the worst part about it you have fools that believe the UIA and Mark Reyland. Look at this recommendation on Mark Reylands LinkedIn profile. Its 1 of only 2 and they both are female inventors.
It's a female inventor that believes Mark Reyland's lies so much, she is telling you that he is a successful inventor " THAT BROUGHT THOUSANDS OF PRODUCT'S TO MARKET "


Executive Director

United Inventors Association of America


Petisamaria G. Hall


Petisamaria G. Hall
Ceo, President, Product Developer, Author, & Entrepreneur, at PrestigiousCreations, LLC in Florida.

Mark T. Reyland has been in the product invention industry for over 35 years. He has brought thousands of products to market and shares his experiences with millions, everyday. I am truely honored that a gentleman of his stature has recommended me & my product invention. "Thank you very much, Mr. Mark Reyland!"

October 25, 2011, Petisamaria G. was with another company when working with Mark T. at United Inventors Association of America


( Ok Petisamaria G. Hall, name one we all would have heard of. This is the danger well meaning inventors believing Mark Reylands lies. Its sickening and brought to you by My Cool Inventions, the UIA Warren Tuttle and their sponsor's. ) 














Thursday, August 1, 2013

C.I.A. Charleston Inventors Association - Charleston SC Meetup group

Yes now Mark Reyland really is a member of the CIA, not the Central Intelligence Agency, like his National Security Agency lies, but the Charleston Inventors Association.  Yes the good people of Charleston S.C. now have the biggest fraud in the inventing industry leading them down the path to successful inventing.

I would like to challenge any of the inventors of Charleston that attend his meetings to stand up in the group and publically ask Mr. Reyland, " what was the most successful invention that you brought to market and how much revenue did it generate and where can we find it ".

People of Charleston, don't be fools and follow this con-man on the 15 th of August


The Charleston Business Development Center
475-A East Bay Street , Charleston, SC, SC (map)
32.789253 -79.930244

The Charleston Inventors Association will meet on August 15th at 7pm for a class on The Steps to Licensing a Product
In the steps to Licensing we will talk about how to position a product for a license deal, how to do your homework before you contact a company for licensing, how to find the right companies to license your product, and what the terms of a normal license contract look like.
So join us on August 15th at 7pm for this third in the four part series of how to take ideas and get them in stores.

And a special thank you to the CIA Charleston Inventors Association sponsor's for bringing this con-man that has absolutely none of the credential or success he claims .

Our Sponsors

  •    Of course the UIA is involved and all of its board members approve or Mr. Reyland having his own stage where he now lives. 
    The United Inventors Association
  •  And I'm sure My Cool Inventions  will be announcing what they sponsor, after all they are obligated to support Mark Reyland in exchange for UIA members email access, { they don't pay to be a sponsor }.  We totally expected My Cool Inventions to be part of this con-man's game.
    My Cool Invention Radio  
  •  But QVC ? A reputable company sponsoring The LIE'S of Mark Reyland to innocent inventors seeking help from experienced and successful inventors. We are shocked that QVC would sponsor a local inventors meeting hosted by the biggest liar in the invention industry. 
    QVC Sprouts  QVC fast track just for Inventors
As Warren Tuttle likes to Bragg
From the UIA Board President

My name is Warren Tuttle and I am the President of the Board of Directors for the United Inventors Association. 
I am here pledging my support and personal reputation within the greater inventor community to help explain several behind the scenes things about Mark that many of you may not be aware of, and the tremendous accomplishments he has initiated during the past two years as our Executive Director.
 " Please know that Mark regularly puts in 60 to 80 hours a week at the UIA and spends upward of 200 days a year traveling between inventor clubs, Washington DC (where he leads the UIA effort to strengthen inventor protection legislation and enforcement ) , meetings, and tradeshows…never complaining. "

 { Did you Warren ever stop to think that Mark Reyland puts in 80 hrs a week, that maybe, just maybe its because he has nothing else ? }
Well Warren, how nice of you to come out for your buddy and stake your reputation, Now here is all the proof of your buddy's lies to the inventors the UIA represents. Now you are allowing a local group of inventors to be lied to also.
As offered to the UIA board members and you personally and the attorney firm representing you, if anything on this blog is a lie show us and it will be removed and an apology posted in its to remain up for the life of this blog. Also there is legal action you, Mark Reyland and the UIA can peruse as defamation and slander if any of the postings here are lies. You haven't and cant because its all true posted with proof, so what does this say about your personal and professional reputation you put up for your lying con-man Mark Reyland !  
And now QVC is supporting it ! Way to go QVC support all these lies and unethical behavior posted here with PROOF on this blog.
OH and thanks to My Cool Invention's for knowing everything on this blog and being fully aware of it, but sponsoring the new CIA anyway. SHAME ON YOU 2, FOR PUTTING INVENTORS AT RISK !
 Akos Jankura

Akos Jankura

Host at My Cool Inventions Radio           

John Cremeans

John Cremeans

President of Cremeans Media Group LLC and Approved On-Air Guest HSN

And we cant forget the UIA board member's that leave us at risk. And they are,

Dr. Ken Bloemer, Ph.D.

Mr. Russell Williams


Mr. Trevor Lambert


Mr. William McHenry
Board VP

Mr. Warren Tuttle
Board President

Terry Whipple

Terry Whipple

Michael Miller
Michael Miller
Mr. Calvin Fowers
Same here doesn't care

Robert Greenspoon

Owner, Flachsbart & Greenspoon, LLC
Same here doesn't care
Robert Greenspoon

Scott Hynd

Television Spokesperson and Co-Founder, Proformance Marketing Group
Same here doesn't care
Scott Hynd

No photo can be found

Same here doesn't care

James Walgreen UIA Board Member  works for more media Direct


We would like to thank all of these UIA board members for turning their back's on inventors, they don't want to be bothered !!!!!! Proof is right here and they were ALL sent the link to see it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Warren Tuttle and Mark Reyland of the United Inventors Association unleash the lawyers, to shut us up.

The UIA obtained an attorney to send a letter to John Young to scare him in to silence. In order for the UIA to save what's left of their non-profit, they need to either remove Mark Reyland from his position or silence people from telling what they know about them. They chose to use the silence tactic.

Silence for them not addressing these accusations and trying to silence those of us exposing the fraud and deception. How they are paying for this attorney, we don't know, because they are broke. Last we heard they had a negative bank account balance of $700  and only weeks before this they had less than $2000 in the UIA account. From the looks of the letter the attorney sent it was a favor, because it had no legal content and look like it took 5 minuets to draft.

So the UIA is going to fight to keep their strangle hold on the inventing industry huh ? Instead of cutting out the cancer that is killing them and begin to heal, they choose to load up on pain killers and await their deaths.

During all of this going on after they were exposed and now having 2 sponsor's drop them due to the actions of Mark Reyland and deceptive practices of their board member owned InventionHome shown here, they want to keep Mark Reyland  and Russ Williams so bad they are willing to fight for them.

Everything you read on this blog is 100% true and backed with email proof, videos, links. We have so much more that are far better stories but wont post them because the proof needed to back them would lead to the identity of those that shared the stories with us. And when we say we wont expose your identity, we keep our word. We will not post stories unless we post the proof with it. But the rest of what we know would shock you, { well probably not after reading about the UIA thus far }.

Here is the attorney letter representing the UIA proudly. After the letter from the attorney will be the reply from John Young. It didn't have the effect they intended it to have.

John's reply

 From: john young <>
To: "" <>; "" <>
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2013 6:49 PM
Subject: The attachments are just some of what's being sponsored

Hello Mr. Cattanach,
Its a pleasant surprise to finally here from the law firm reviewing the UIAREYLANDLIES BlogSpot over the past month. We saw you there multiple times reading all the threads. So seeing how you are fully aware of the accusations and the proof of them posted against the UIA and the board members being unethical and in one case criminal. I'm sure you can see its all true posted with proof of all accusations. So as I offered the UIA board members and am now making the same offer to you and your firm, if there is anything you see that is false, show it to me with your proof that it is indeed false and I will see that its removed and an apology posted in its place.
As in your letter you and the UIA are investigation these accusations. I can hardly wait for the details of your investigation, I'm sure you and the UIA are making it a priority and the UIA and your firm has taken the appropriate steps in suspending Mark Reyland pending your investigation. Its been months now and Mark Reyland is still in the drivers seat at the UIA. Of course the UIA board wont do anything or its president about Mark Reyland, every time I tried to address my concerns and show proof I was threatened with police action, which only makes me more determined to have these issues addressed in behalf of the inventors they represent.
Now I get this letter from you and your firm representing the UIA. You are telling me as I read this letter saying that I'm  intentionally interfering with UIA's  relationships with its sponsor's.  Well that's not an accurate definition of what I'm doing, what I'm doing is saying layman's terms Mark Reyland is defecating in the UIA bed that the sponsor's share and I'm just holding the sheets up to show them proof of the stain he leaves. I'm warning them that by being associated with the UIA and being publically listed as a sponsor they are sharing this bed he soils. If they are aware of what has and is happening and the UIA diet doesn't change they risk laying in it and being soiled as well. The sponsor's can always donate privately so there is no monetary reason for as you say "interfering " but just trying to keep clean companies clean and giving then the CHOICE to continue sleeping in the UIA bed.
I also feel that your letter is an attempt to implying that I'm breaking laws by contacting companies publicly listed and telling them the truth about what I know. The UIA is a non profit but all the board members own or have interest in invention submission companies. The invention submission companies they own are advertised at the UIA blog, So any inventor that contracts with the board member owned companies profit from the non profit they oversee. Case in point Invention Home owned by Russell Williams UIA board member. After reading your letter you and your firm sent me, It made me remember a story I forgot to have posted with proof of its fraudulent dealings. Now that you got me on this subject after all was quite for a while have a look. as you can see its true with the email to prove it. I have so much more evidence about the UIA's using a non profit to profit its board members. Would it be ethical for me to withhold want I know as fact from those that it effects ?
The UIA is suppose to protect inventors, not lie and profit from them and the sponsor's are representing these lies unknowingly. I'm giving them the CHOICE to be fully aware of what I find as I find it now or in the past. 2 sponsor's have thanked me out of the 2 that replied back. Its posted for all to see to be totally transparent and hiding nothing. So if I'm hiding nothing and being thanked by the sponsor's, that means that its a valid reason with no malice.
The problem in the invention industry because its unregulated and nothing is enforced because there is no acting agency to enforce it . These invention submission companies get away with misrepresenting and scamming inventors with false information I.E. Invention Home and give them little if nothing for the money they spend. And you have Mark Reyland, King of illusions smoke and mirrors, he has false credentials that the UIA never validated before hiring him, Warren Tuttle The UIA president told me that they did not check them during our onetime phone conversation. Do you really believe that Mark Reyland was a liaison representing the U.S as advisor to the Korean Governments defense ministry as a Non commissioned officer an E-5 Staff Sargent, and all his NSA dealings ? If you do it doesn't say much about your knowledge of our government. Also all of his successful selling products that he brought to market. According to the Linked In recommendation that he approved for post from some unknowing lady it numbers in the thousands. And this is what inventors are reading and believing.  Read it for yourself and then tell me if you were a new impressionable inventor you wouldn't want to know the truth and not be bombarded with these outrageous lies !
Petisamaria G. Hall
Ceo, President, Product Developer, Author, & Entrepreneur, at PrestigiousCreations, LLC in Florida.
Mark T. Reyland has been in the product invention industry for over 35 years. He has brought thousands of products to market and shares his experiences with millions, everyday. I am truely honored that a gentleman of his stature has recommended me & my product invention. "Thank you very much, Mr. Mark Reyland!"
So these are lies posted for inventors to believe and approved lies not validated by the UIA, so no one governs them, they are free to lie and deceive and now your law firm has joined in to help the lies and deception continue.
So seeing how you are helping them, would it be wise for me to follow any of you and your firms advice and or suggestions and implication I'm doing this with malicious intent ? I think not ! As you can see in my emails to the sponsor's I'm only telling them facts with proof which I will bring to court when the time arises.
So you are fully aware I have no intention of NOT protecting inventors or these companies that sponsor this outrageous deceptive organization that puts them at risk whether it be by association or being advised and following this non profit that does not have the inventors best interest at heart. I will continue to inform them of unethical and deceptive practices, that you can clearly see is happening and approved by the entire UIA board. The UIA will not do anything about it, Ive given them chances and never gotten a response until I went public. Now suddenly your firm and the UIA are going to investigate.
Just to give you an example how unethical this organization is, I would like to use the following analogy. Its like the American cancer society having tobacco companies as board members and sponsoring their board member owned tobacco companies. Or a duck sanctuary who's board members are all avid duck hunters. Bring the ducks to the sanctuary on the weekdays and they hunt them on the weekends.
So I think I've explained myself in ways I normally wouldn't just to give you a clear understanding of why Im doing this and will see it through until the UIA removes Mark Reyland and makes changes to be the organization it was intended to be. And at the very least the UIA owes all inventors a public apology for allowing this to go on and trying to hide it and silence the whistle blowers. The UIA president should go with mark Reyland for allowing Mark Reyland so much power over some of its board members. I know as fact that one ethical board member asked for Mark Reyland to step down from his position and was overruled by Warren Tuttle. Mark Reyland not only serves as the executive director but is on the executive committee and they require a unanimous vote to remove a board member. So let me guess Mark Reyland will vote himself out of office. The president should never allowed this but did and the UIA is Mark Reyland's and no one else has a say.
So until I get a court order to stop contacting sponsor's I will continue. And when we go to court for the hearing it will have to be here in Florida and within my county. I am a disabled American who is under doctors orders not to travel more than a few miles at a time. This is due to a broken neck I suffered and have 6 screws and bone from my hip fused in. Along with this I also suffer uncontrollable high blood pressure that made my kidneys fail once. so flying is totally out of the question. I'm on blood pressure medications they use for emergency treatment of blood pressure condition's to quickly stabiles them on a daily basis.
I will be glad to attend any hearing or lawsuit and plan to file a counter claim against Mark Reyland and the UIA for defamation and slander with lies posted on Linked In and the UIA website about me and my company stating that the FBI has me under investigation and other outrageous lies which I have proof of. See there is a difference in what I post and say, mine is all true and has proof posted with it. Mark Reyland and the UIA's are all lies and I can and will prove they are in a court of law. I will bring the UIA soiled sheets for DNA testing to prove that Mark Reyland did defecate in the UIA bed. Then I wont have to explain my actions to you or the UIA.
Its never been against the law to tell the truth, even the courts make you swear to do it. I will cc you in all future sponsor contact to show you and the courts I'm hiding nothing or doing it maliciously. As I said I'm doing it in their interest and if the sponsor's still choose to support the UIA after all is said and done, they just might continue their support but not want to be listed. Its their choice and you have no power or right to try to stop me from exposing the UIA's reputation at the risk of ethical companies, just to hide the UIA's soiled sheets.

Also, please consider this your notification from me that any communication I have with you and your firm will be subject to public posting. The inventors have a right to see what is happening and your communication came to me unsolicited and I have no obligation to keep them private.

Thank you

John Young

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